Software Engineer

Company Name:
Tyler Technologies
Position Objective
Tyler Technologies is seeking a Software Engineer to be responsible for the research, analysis, development, coding and testing of new hardware, software, and service solutions in accordance with department and company standards. This Engineer also explores new technologies and determines the potential value and impact to the organization.
Research high level abstract concepts to determine viability and potential impact on Tyler products.
Create proof of concept prototypes.
Analyze user needs in order to create functional specifications.
Utilize department and company procedures and tools to complete the reporting and tracking requirements in support of the software development lifecycle.
Design and develop software solutions that are practical, extensible and maintainable.
Create project documentation including white papers, training materials, management reports, installation notes and user documentation.
Troubleshoot complex software problems and environments.
Conduct internal seminars to assist in the dissemination of new products.
Attend industry seminars and training to develop an understanding of emerging technologies.
The incumbent may be required to obtain certification in an area of expertise.
Five years of analysis and programming experience in current technologies preferred.
Microsoft programming experience preferred.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to work well independently and in a team environment.
Ability to research complex technological problems, formulate recommendations, and build technically sound solutions.
Posted Date
August 145, 2014
Location: Yarmouth, Maine
Posted Date: August 145, 2014
To Apply: Requisition Number: 45-14-192

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